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Guitar Capos & Slides

Guitar Cap

Is used as a clamp fastened across all the strings of a fretted musical instrument to raise their tuning by a chosen amount. One of the more common acoustic and electric guitar accessories is a capo. The main advantage of using a capo is that it lets a guitarist play a song in different keys while still using first-position open-string chord forms

Guitar Slide

Slide guitar is a particular technique for playing the guitar that is often used in blues-style music. The technique involves placing an object against the strings while playing to create glissando effects and deep vibratos that make the music emotionally expressive.

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What is a Guitar Cap?

Guitar Capos are used across the frets of an instrument to alter the open pitch, allowing for an alternative open tuning.

What is a Guitar Slide?

Guitar Slides allow players to produce a sliding sound by running the guitar slide along the fretboard, most commonly used in Blues or using lap steel guitars.