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Furch (Stonebridge) Acoustic Guitars

About Furch (Stonebridge) Acoustic Guitars

Furch / Stonebridge Guitars are built by the FURCH MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Company. Stonebridge Guitars are some of the finest acoustic instruments on the planet! Hand made in the Czech Republic by some of the finest luthiers in Europe, Stonebridge/Furch Guitars deliver an incredibly clear, balanced, and full bodied tone that you will only find in a very high end acoustic guitars.

About Furch (Stonebridge)

Frantisek Furch has been handcrafting fine acoustic guitars and mandolins, not only under the Furch name, but also for several famous name brands since 1981. Now, Frantisek introduces his guitars to North America and the Western world, as Stonebridge. Taken from the original name for the famous Charlesbridge in Prague, this name embodies the rich cultural history from which these instruments arise. Stonebridge offer the same hand crafted quality that you would expect from names such as Martin and Taylor but their European origins keep the prices significantly lower than their Yankee opposition. We're one of their biggest customers, so you can expect to see a few rarities and specials in the store.