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For over 50 years, Takamine have built up a reputation for creating some of the finest acoustic guitars around.

Their humble beginnings started back in 1959 when a small family-run musical instrument workshop opened in the foothills of Mount Takamine in the central Japanese town of Sakashita. By 1962 the popularity of the guitar was growing rapidly in Japan, at this point the company decided to adopt the name of the mountain and dedicate itself to the finest innovation and craftsmanship, values that have remained at the forefront of their guitar manufacturing to this day.

The growth of the Takamine name accelerated rapidly Takamine Bass GB72CEthroughout the ‘70s. The invention of the under-saddle pickup revolutionized the amplified acoustic guitar and their guitars started to appear on some of the worlds biggest stages. The ‘80s and ‘90s saw continued development and growth including pioneering work with laser cut inlays, resulting in some of the most intricate, yet precise designs ever seen on a guitar. With stunning design and flawless build quality,

Takamine pride themselves in making ‘the hardest working’ guitars. Just look at the list of some of the world’s leading musicians that rely on their instruments night after night; Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Bruno Mars, John Scofield, Don Henley and many others choose Takamine because they know they won’t let them down. 

Takamine put all of their decades of experience and expertise into crafting some of the world’s finest Acoustic Bass Guitars. The G Series Acoustic Bass range represents fantastic value for money, with a selection of beautifully made and fully-featured instruments at very competitive prices. Featuring solid-top construction across the range, the Takamine G Series Basses are stunning to behold and to play. The inherent qualities of the acoustic instrument are enhanced with Takamine’s own pickups and preamp systems which allow amplification of the bass and include a variety of features including EQ and a built in tuner.

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What is a Bass Guitar?

The bass guitar is a stringed instrument similar in appearance and construction to an electric guitar, except with a longer neck and scale length, and four to six strings or courses. The four-string bass is usually tuned the same as the double bass, which corresponds to pitches one octave lower than the four lowest pitched strings of a guitar (E, A, D, and G). The bass guitar is a transposing instrument, as it is notated in bass clef an octave higher than it sounds. It is played primarily with the fingers or thumb, by plucking, slapping, popping, strumming, tapping, thumping, or picking with a plectrum, often known as a pick. The electric bass guitar has pickups and must be connected to an amplifier and speaker, to be loud enough to compete with other instruments.