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Black Friday Sucks

Black Friday Sucks

For one weekend only Rattle & Drum presents the “Black Friday Sucks” Black Friday Weekend Bonanza!

Yep, we said it. Black Friday is an American idea imported by evil American mega-corps, built around Thanksgiving, a holiday we don’t celebrate, so they can clear their warehouses of stuff they no longer want by trying to convince you it’s a bargain! You know it, and we know it too. Believe it or not, here at Rattle & Drum we are humans too, and we totally understand why it generates a frenzy. But it’s time to ask yourself, are local music shops important to you? Forget that we run this place for a minute, we are musicians first and foremost, and places like ours are where we spent countless hours in our youth drooling over gear, don’t you love doing the same? Saving up (or borrowing!) for that first serious instrument. Getting support as you take those first tentative gigging steps. Getting advice on downsizing 'cause your back is bad and you can’t carry a 4x10 any more…

Please, just promise us that if you are going to buy an instrument or related product this weekend, or any time in the run-up to Christmas, go and buy it from a shop. Doesn't even have to be us, just use your local shops or you will lose them. In return we will make some promises to you; if you come and see us this Black Friday Weekend, we will do everything we can to make sure:

a) You will get a warm welcome with a smile, free chocolates, maybe even a cuppa, and you can hang out in a friendly, relaxed environment.

b) You will get honest, impartial advice on anything you want to talk about, probably best we stick mainly to musical instruments but we are open minded.

c) You can look at, compare and try out the things you are thinking of buying, or we can demo them for you.

d) You will get a great deal; we already aim to price products in line with our internet competitors and if you’ve seen it cheaper elsewhere we will match any genuine UK price.

e) We will only ever sell you something that we genuinely believe is the right product for you; this means you are happy, which makes us happy.

Sounds pretty good right? We think it sounds so good that this is what we promise to do every time you visit us, Black Friday be damned. Except the chocolates maybe, they’re probably a one off…

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