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Fender American Elite Series In Stock Now!

Fender American Elite Series In Stock Now!

Great selection of the new Fender American Elite Series now in stock!

Brand new for 2016, Fender have replaced the old American Deluxe Series with the new and improved American Elite Series. We've had these on order for a while and stock of the new range has been slow to trickle through to us but we now have a great selection of guitars and basses in stock.

We were big fans of the American Deluxe series here at Rattle & Drum and the American Elite instruments have kept all that was great about the old models with some nice new tweaks. The pickups have been upgraded to the 4th generation version of Fender's excellent Noiseless pickups which bring plenty of vintage-voiced power coupled with superb clarity. The Elites are all about player comfort and the new necks feature a compound profile that morphs from a modern C-shape at the nut to a flatter D-shape at the heel. The heel itself is cutaway to allow easier access to the upper end of the neck. There all sorts of other sensible little improvements like the new truss rod adjustment wheel which makes it incredibly easy to adjust the instrument's neck relief.

The guitars feature two new stunning colours that are exclusive to the American Elite Series, Sky Burst Metallic and Autumn Blaze Metallic. All Fender American Elite instruments come complete with lockable hard case, strap, cable and strap locks.

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