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Should I Buy Used Music Gear? Top Reasons To Go For A Pre-Owned Instrument From Rattle & Drum

Should I Buy Used Music Gear? Top Reasons To Go For A Pre-Owned Instrument From Rattle & Drum
You’ve eyed up the perfect piece of kit - that guitar with the classic P90 pickups, a new reverb pedal to complete your growing pedal board, that 10” splash cymbal you’ve had your heart set on for months - and, what’s worse, you’ve gone and tried it in-store. It’s perfect. You have to have it. There’s only one problem - the price. Normally, you’d lament the Gods of Rock for ever showing you this guitar-shaped hole in your life and look for an alternative, or even give up entirely. But wait, it’s not over! There you spot it, glistening on the show room floor... In the pre-owned section. What’s your initial reaction? Here are our reasons why you should consider taking a second look at pre-loved music gear.

The Price Is Better On Pre-Owned Equipment

Pretty obvious here, we admit, but it rings as true as ever. Pre-owned music gear is always going to be cheaper than the same item fresh from the factory floor, often considerably so. We always assess every instrument we put in our pre-owned section, ensuring that it’s ready to rock at a moment’s notice and will get the job done admirably; whether it’s a guitar, drum kit, microphone and amp, you can be sure it’s going to sound every bit as good as the one you saw that fateful day in-store! Sure, you might spot a bit of a chip on the paintwork, the chrome might not be quite as shiny as day 1, the amp might have a sticker of an obscure band you’ve never even heard of, but it’ll never affect playability. Simply put, if we wouldn’t buy it we won’t put it in our pre-owned range!

The Stories Used Gear Carries

You might be wondering quite how that scratch happened on the pick guard, how that microphone managed to get a dint in it, who in their right mind would replace the gain knob for a toothpaste cap (okay, even we probably wouldn’t let that through!) That’s the great thing about pre-love music gear - every dent, scratch and blemish has a story behind it. It adds bundles of character, oozes that vintage feel, and will keep you guessing for years to come. Better yet, you completely avoid that crippling period of fear where you are afraid for even a microbe of dust to make contact with your new bit of kit. We’ve all been there and it is one of those things that can keep you up at night...

Used Music Kit Holds Value Better

You’ve just picked up a new guitar and you’re getting to grips with everything. Sure, your wallet is in the corner crying quietly, but it had to be done! It’s a great feeling playing with a new instrument, but unless that thing is built like a 60’s Strat and you keep it locked away for the next 50 years, it’s probably going to lose a fair bit of value. Pre-owned gear, however, isn’t susceptible in the same way. You’re already buying it at a heavily-discounted rate, meaning that the money invested is far better protected than the same item bought brand new. That Pearl Crystal Series Shell Pack you’ve eyed up at is going to be a smarter value-protected purchase at £800 than it is at £1,100, no matter how you look at it.

Better Equipment For The Budget You Have

Maybe you’ve stashed away £550 for a new bass guitar or set of cymbals and nothing has quite caught your eye. Or maybe you know exactly what you’re after and are about to pick it up. While you could get yourself a brand-spanking new Fender Standard Telecaster (not a bad idea, by the way), take a look at what’s on offer in our pre-owned section - you might surprise yourself! If you check back at the right time, you might find another Telecaster equipped with much higher specs sat waiting for a home - still under £550. It’s not guaranteed, of course, but there’s always something to catch your eye.

I’m Sold, What’s Next?

Go check out the pre-owned gear available! It’s that simple. You are welcome to try out any products in-store, so feel free to pop in and say hi. We’ll walk you through the gear, any imperfections and nuances it might have, ensuring you don’t get any nasty surprises when you get it home! Alternatively, if you’re looking to exchange some music kit you’ve got gathering dust, why not bring it in and see whether you can grab a great deal on your next purchase - pre-owned or new. We have a superb part exchange service that can cut the cost of picking up new gear massively, and are happy to review any music equipment you have.

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