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Zildjian Artist Choice

Zildjian-Cymbals Zildjian’s artist roster is a who’s who of the world’s most legendary drummer and they’re as passionate about the cymbals they play as Zildjian are when they make them. Therefore, Zildjian have teamed up with ten of the most significant players of the moment to bring you an insight into the cymbals they love. From legends like Queen’s Roger Taylor, Foo Fighters Taylor Hawkins and Blink 182’s Travis Barker, to young influencers like Josh Dun, Ben Thatcher and Eddy Thrower.

Each week Rattle & Drum and Zildjian Cymbals will be showcasing a different artist and their favourite cymbal from their setup. So, if you love the sound of Ash Soan’s Hi-Hats or the ferocity of Bring Me The Horizon’s crash sound, now you can find out how they do it.

This week - Ben Thatcher - Royal Blood

"I started Royal Blood to write songs with a friend and be creative and drum, because that’s what I love doing." View More Zildjian

Acoustic Drum Kits

Acoustic Drum Kit

The Acoustic Drum Kit is the beating heart of virtually every genre of music you can think of, from rock to blues, jazz to hip hop. It doesn’t matter if you hit them hard or soft, play fast or slow, the drums are the engine room to history’s greatest songs.Here at Rattle & Drum we offer drum kits to suit all budgets. From the Tornado by Mapex, the number one choice for the beginner to stunning custom built drums from the likes of DW, Pearl, Gretsch, Ludwig and Tama. From the bedroom to the stadium (via the local pub), we’ve got an Acoustic Drum for all stages.View Catalog

Electronic Drum Kits

Electronic Drums

Electronic Drums have revolutionised the way the instrument is played for both professional players and beginners alike. Here at Rattle & Drum we offer Electronic Drums to suit all budgets and all situations. Whether you’re just starting out, a seasoned player wanting a practice alternative or a gigging musician wanting to utilise modern electronic drums into live performance, we’ve got the product for you. One of the first issues facing anyone starting out on their drumming journey is going to be noise! Acoustic drums are loud and finding the time to fit in all those hours of practice is an age-old problem. If only they had a volume control? Well an Electronic Drum kit does, and once you plug in your headphones, you can play to your hearts content without disturbing anyone in the next room, let alone the neighbours.View Catalog



With a huge variation in sound, size and weight, the cymbals are arguably the most important part of any drum kit or percussion set-up. Here at Rattle & Drum Music we offer a huge range of cymbals from the four leading brands, Meinl, Paiste, Sabian & Zildjian. Each one of these dynamic and innovative companies bring their own take on the ancient art of cymbal making, so there’s sure to be something to suit every player and every budget, regardless of whether you play jazz, heavy metal or you’re strutting your stuff in a marching band. View Catalog

Drum Hardware

drum Hardware

Unless you intend to employ a load of people to hold your drums and cymbals in place while you concentrate on hitting them, you’re gonna need some hardware. Drum hardware plays a vital role in bringing the best out of your playing. It’s important that everything stays exactly where you want it to, there’s nothing worse that wobbly drums and unstable cymbals! A bass drum pedal that feels smooth and responsive will do wonders for your playing, as will a comfortable place to sit. The drum throne is often the most overlooked part of the kit, it does after all, have more direct contact with the player that any other part of the kit.View Catalog

Snare Drums

Snare Drums

The snare drum sound can be the difference between a good drummer and a great one. It’s the drum you’ll probably hit more than any other and it’s certainly the one with the greatest variation in sound. With so many different options available, choosing the right drum for you can be tricky. Here at Rattle & Drum we offer a large selection of snare drums from the world’s leading manufacturers. From legendary drums like the Ludwig Supraphonic to modern classics from the British Drum Company. We’re sure you’ll be able to find the right heartbeat for your drum kit. View Catalog



Except for the human voice, percussion instruments are the oldest type of musical instrument on earth. For thousands of years, we’ve been utilising the things around us to create rhythm, adapting everyday materials to create music. At Rattle & Drum we sell a wide variety of percussion instruments from around the world, Latin American drums like the Cajon, Congas and Bongos. African Djembe drums and drum kit accessories such as Cowbells, Tambourines and blocks. Whether you want to hit it, scrape it, shake it or bang it together, we’re sure to offer a percussion instrument that will produce the sound you’re after.View Catalog

Drum Accessories

Drum Accessories

As any drummer will know, there’s just so many extra things that you need to get the best from your playing. There’s the vital stuff that you can’t do without like sticks and drumheads, then there’s the stuff that makes you play better like practice pads and metronomes. Arms and clamps to mount things and loads of replacement parts to keep your gear in tip top condition. Here at Rattle & Drum we keep a great selection of parts and accessories including some that can be really hard to find. View Catalog