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Drum Workshop or DW Drums as they’re more commonly referred to, have been at the very pinnacle of all things drums for over 45 years. Long since revered by musicians the world over, their tireless dedication to improving the way drum products are made has continually set the standard that others can only follow. Here at Rattle & Drum, we are proud to represent this Iconic American brand. 

History of DW Drums

Founded by Dom Lombardi in 1972 originally as a drum school, it wasn’t long before he’d teamed up with ex-pupil and self-confessed “drum geek” John Good to develop what would become their first product, the adjustable trap-case seat. Shortly after, the opportunity to purchase machinery and moulds from the drum manufacturer Camco allowed DW to introduce the now legendary 5000 series bass drum pedal. Whilst Don continued to introduce many innovative new hardware products including the first double bass drum pedal, John turned his attention to the drums themselves. In the late 1980’s, bespoke, hand-crafted custom shop drums were almost unheard of and it wasn’t long before many of the worlds leading players were clamouring to get their hands on the incredible instruments he was producing. Over the years DW have employed the same level of innovation in their drums as they have with the hardware, constantly developing new technology and offering an almost unlimited array of finishes. This has helped to make the Collector’s Series of custom drums the choice of so many of the world’s leading players. Legendry names like Bernard Purdie, Chad Smith, Dave Grohl, Ginger Baker, Jim Keltner, John “JR” Robinson, Mick Fleetwood, Neil Peart, Nick Mason, Roger Taylor, Sheila E, Terry Bozzio, Thomas Lang, Tico Torres and Tony Royster Jr are just a small selection of the artists that choose DW to articulate their musical voice.

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DW Product Spotlight

DW Collector’s Series

The original custom-shop drum kit, the Collector’s Series epitomises everything that DW set out to achieve back in the ‘70s. No matter what your vision, DW can help you realise your dreams curtesy of their state-of-the-art California factory and this remarkable drum kit.

What makes the Collector’s kit such a versatile product is the myriad of options available. You can configure your drums however you wish; choose your sizes, your shell material, hardware options and a virtually endless selection of finishes.

The most important part of your DW kit is always going to be the shell. Choose from “Pure” wood shells such as Maple, Birch, Cherry, Oak and Purpleheart, or Hybrid shell combinations like Maple & Mahogany, Cherry & Mahogany, Poplar & Maple (Classics Series), Maple & Gumwood (Jazz Series) and Bamboo & Birch (Eco-X Project). It’s not just the type of wood you have control over, the direction of the grain within the shell’s individual plies will have a big influence over the sonic characteristics. DW offer four different types of grain orientation

HVLT (Horizontal Outside + Vertical Low Timbre) – Most of the plies are vertical with the exception of the outer ply which is horizontal. This offers slightly more low-midrange frequencies. 

VLT (Vertical Low Timbre) – Both outer and inner plies run vertically, middle plies are horizontal. The vertical grain places less tension on the shell, allowing it to vibrate freely, resulting in a lowered fundamental pitch. 

X-Shells – Veneers are cut at a 45-degree angle and cross-laminated in an X pattern, this helps generate low frequencies whilst maintaining optimum shell strength.

VLX – The lowest frequency grain orientation available from DW. Perfect for bass drums and larger floor toms.   Of the 8 plies that make up a VLX shell, 6 are diagonal or X and 2 are vertical or short grain.

If all of that sounds a bit too complicated, DW have developed SSC (Specialized shell configuration), the culmination of more than a decade of DW Custom Shop shell technology. Put simply, it’s DW’s recommended shell configuration. It utilizes all four grain technologies, matching the best option to each shell size.

DW Performance Series

DW set themselves a difficult task when they began developing an American made kit that whilst noticeably cheaper than the Collector’s series, didn’t compromise any of the qualities that they had built their reputation on. The result was the Performance Series, a true DW drum kit in every way. Featuring shells made from hand-selected North American Hard Rock Maple and utilizing the HVX grain technology to deliver a low, punchy fundamental pitch with ample resonance and projection. 

Although compared to the Collector’s Series, the options are more limited, there’s still ten tom, six bass drum, and three snare drum sizes to choose from as well as nine colour options.

DW Design Series 

DW drums are now more affordable than ever. After years of honing their craft in their California factory, DW have taken that knowledge and produced a drum kit in their Taiwanese facility that defies expectation. These drums are DW through and through, using the same HVLT grain technology found on the flagship Collector’s series and featuring a shell made from select North American Maple, Design Series drums are full, resonant and responsive. As well as maple, Design Series is also the first kit made by DW to be offered with an acrylic shell. The transparent 5mm thick seamless acrylic shells look stunning and provide plenty of attack, perfect for live performance. 

Available as shell pack only with the option of additional drums.

For more information on DW Drums, please contact us or give us a call on 01332 341414. We’re here to help you turn the kit of your dreams into a reality. Alternatively, you can visit the DW web site here.